Advice For Buying & Taking Proper Care of Your Lingerie

Lingerie is undeniably beautiful, but it can also be fretfully scary to approach. For many people who wear lingerie, it exposes them to a world of undergarments that they’ve never experienced before. A world of teddies, Balconettes, Chemises, and Garter belts. There are so many working parts to the world of lingerie beyond bra and panties–and this is where many people get overwhelmed. But educating yourself on the do’s and don’ts of lingerie shopping will help you ease the nerves and come out looking and feeling beautiful, fierce, and most importantly–confident!

DO get fitted by an expert!

Firstly, head to your local independent lingerie boutique for a professional fitting. There will be plenty of experts available to you, and you’ll get the most accurate and helpful services from them. Don’t get too hung up on your bra or panty size, either. Bra fitting and lingerie in general are about finding styles and sizes that look amazing and feel comfortable. It’s vital to make sure there’s no gaping at the cup and that the band is snug against your back–this is where the majority of breast support comes from. Try not to stress about your measured size. Wear what feels best on you, it will end up looking the best as well. If you can’t get to a independently operated lingerie boutique–there are fitting specialists at chain stores like Victoria’s Secret–just ask for help when shopping there.

DO look for high-quality fabrics!

When shopping for lingerie, there are dozens of things to keep in mind. Of course, there’s the technical aspect; does it fit correctly, are the fabrics comfortable on the skin, is the construction solid? But going beyond those technical questions is the whimsical aspect of lingerie. This is where silks, dainty laces, intricate structure, and unique embellishments enter the picture. This is where you find your true style.

DO hand wash your delicates EVERY TIME!

This point cannot be stressed enough! Hand-washing your lingerie is the best care you can give it. It may sound a little tedious, but it really isn’t all that hard to do. Fill the sink basic with warm water, add a single capful of delicate lingerie detergent or powder, and then swish your lingerie pieces around. Give them a thorough rinse, gently squeeze out the water, and then lay them flat to dry. Bras can be safely stored in a draw–just make sure the clasps are hooked and cups are not twisted or turned inside out. Chemises and special pieces should be hung on satin covered hangers (exposed wired hangers can snag and damage delicate fabrics) and never, EVER stick your delicate pieces in a dryer. That’s the quickest way to ruin them.

Whether it’s your first time purchasing and wearing lingerie, or you’re a dainty delicates expert, it’s a good idea to follow these simple tips to ensure the life and longevity of your lingerie collection.