Artificial Intelligence – Past and Future

We might have heard the term Artificial Intelligence on several occasions. In fact, this term is being used for many past decades, especially at the start of the 20th century this word Artificial Intelligence was being used by many novelists and movie producers. As they needed some myths to be introduced in their movies and novels. The concept of Artificial Intelligence is present in many Greek myths, but how those people discovered the idea of such advanced technologies is still a mystery. Well, that concept of Greek Myth was named in mid of 20th Century by a very famous scientist John McCarthy. He was known for many famous discoveries over the years, but his main focus was to bring this concept to life. As obvious over that time technology was not that much advanced, and there was no idea or concept of electronic devices and computers was present.


There were extremely large computer systems available for just the minor calculations, and even the storage and performance of those computers were also low. Secondly, those computers were really expensive that only a few highest organization actually had them. So it was quite impossible to even think of some idea regarding Artificial Intelligence. Well as the time advances there were new revolutions made, and this was the time when scientists actually started working on such computer programs or software which has the ability to learn itself and perform calculations or duties on its own. In the start, the main focus of scientists was to develop such computer system which has the ability to be equal to a human brain.

Early Artificial Intelligence

But the only problem was to build up a dictionary for such programs. Because even a minor word has several meanings, and then those meanings further have several explanations. So they actually started working on insects by their Genetic code data. But now Artificial Intelligence is all around us, even we may not realize it but actually, at some levels, all programs are based on Artificial Intelligence. Like if you have ever used Microsoft Office then a paper clip appears on the screen which helps you out by different suggestions regarding our work. Then have voice recognition software in your smartphones which lets you open any application or change any setting by just your voice.

Modern Artificial Intelligence

Then there are self-driving cars which are another great example of Artificial Intelligence. And when it comes to Modern Artificial Intelligence then Blake Rubin is one emerging name in this field. This is the person who has done quite a research in this field and also has developed several programs. Lie he has developed a program by which now the computer will be able to discriminate among the users, and will only allow specific permissions to the second users, which allowing whole control of the computer to the main administrator.