Idea recharge – fast and easy through online resellers

You have umpteen options of getting your Idea recharge done these days. You can use the Idea website or App for getting the work done. You can also use the website of an online reseller to do the same. With most leading resellers launching their Apps, like Paytm App, MobiKwik App and PhonePe App, the digital world has become more competitive where each seller and reseller is trying hard to catch the attention of the customer. It is not only a race to the top for different cellular operators offering the mobile subscribers in India cheapest and best recharge plans with extended validities and full talk times or unlimited data, the market is also cut-throat when it comes to telecom operators versus resellers who resell the plans of these operators.


In this fast competitive world, the one who stands to gain the most is no doubt the customer. He needs to act smart and use his resources to decide wisely and prudently. For his Idea recharge, should he use the Idea site/App or should he rely on reseller site/App. And which reseller is the best and the safest bet? Subscribers need to learn from others, keep reading online reviews and comments, industry expert blogs and articles – basically be well-informed to take the right decision.

Benefits of using Paytm App or MobiKwik App or PhonePe App for online recharge

Users would prefer to use the services of resellers vis-a-vis the operator for carrying out online Idea recharge because:-

  • Resellers offer not only mobile recharge and bill payment services, they also facilitate other kinds of activities like online shopping, ordering food online, booking movie tickets, booking bus, train and air tickets, making hotel reservations, paying for school and college fees and lots of such activities. Whereas a cellular operator will provide only recharge and bill payment facilities.
  • Resellers offer not only Idea rechargeoption, they enable users to recharge prepaid connections of almost all cellular operators in the country. Hence, a user who has prepaid connections of multiple operators can easily use the reseller site or App to carry out recharges of all connections at one-go.
  • Resellers offer mobile wallets for making not only online payments but also offline payments. Most resellers today have their own e-wallets. Users can get registered, fill up the wallet with money and start using it for making any kind of online payment. These wallets can be used for making payments at physical stores and shops too. Many cellular operators too have launched their mobile wallets but they have limited usage – these wallets can be used only by the subscribers of the particular operator; they can be used for only doing recharges and online bill payments.
  • Resellers offer a whole lot of attractive and engaging schemes which enable users to save money. Cash back offers are the most popular deals being offered today. Discount coupons and other kinds of promo offers also help in keeping users captivated. Another interesting thing is that reseller’s offer cross-service and cross-product discounts – for example, for a recharge of a particular value, users get an e-shopping discount coupon.


Artificial Intelligence – Past and Future

We might have heard the term Artificial Intelligence on several occasions. In fact, this term is being used for many past decades, especially at the start of the 20th century this word Artificial Intelligence was being used by many novelists and movie producers. As they needed some myths to be introduced in their movies and novels. The concept of Artificial Intelligence is present in many Greek myths, but how those people discovered the idea of such advanced technologies is still a mystery. Well, that concept of Greek Myth was named in mid of 20th Century by a very famous scientist John McCarthy. He was known for many famous discoveries over the years, but his main focus was to bring this concept to life. As obvious over that time technology was not that much advanced, and there was no idea or concept of electronic devices and computers was present.


There were extremely large computer systems available for just the minor calculations, and even the storage and performance of those computers were also low. Secondly, those computers were really expensive that only a few highest organization actually had them. So it was quite impossible to even think of some idea regarding Artificial Intelligence. Well as the time advances there were new revolutions made, and this was the time when scientists actually started working on such computer programs or software which has the ability to learn itself and perform calculations or duties on its own. In the start, the main focus of scientists was to develop such computer system which has the ability to be equal to a human brain.

Early Artificial Intelligence

But the only problem was to build up a dictionary for such programs. Because even a minor word has several meanings, and then those meanings further have several explanations. So they actually started working on insects by their Genetic code data. But now Artificial Intelligence is all around us, even we may not realize it but actually, at some levels, all programs are based on Artificial Intelligence. Like if you have ever used Microsoft Office then a paper clip appears on the screen which helps you out by different suggestions regarding our work. Then have voice recognition software in your smartphones which lets you open any application or change any setting by just your voice.

Modern Artificial Intelligence

Then there are self-driving cars which are another great example of Artificial Intelligence. And when it comes to Modern Artificial Intelligence then Blake Rubin is one emerging name in this field. This is the person who has done quite a research in this field and also has developed several programs. Lie he has developed a program by which now the computer will be able to discriminate among the users, and will only allow specific permissions to the second users, which allowing whole control of the computer to the main administrator.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is amazing software for all those who love photography. It is the best tool for all the studios and all people who work in the field of photography. Adobe gives a person access to many options and many best things. It makes the editing easier for a person and along with Adobe; it is really feasible for someone to add value to a picture. If you are new to Adobe and you have no idea about the usage then here are some points given for you, just pay a look below to know about some features of Adobe Photoshop:

1.    Properties Panel Option

When you will open the Adobe Photoshop CS6 so you will find so many options here. One of the main options will be the properties panel and you need to know about it. It is the panel which has got so many options inside of it. You can find 3d settings, adjustments and many other things in this option.

2.    Interface

When we pay a look at the interface so we find an amazing interface in front of us. This would be the interface which will allow us many great options. It will appear as you will open the adobe Photoshop CS6. This amazing interface will show you so many great options. You will find many tools which will be available in front of you.

3.    Wide Angle

If you are an editor and you have edited several photos then you must know about the panoramas. And while you are editing panoramas or you are adding them there will not be the exact images in front of you. So if you want to do the process in Adobe Photoshop CS6 you can add a line to the images so that they will be leveled. This is the great advantage of Adobe Photoshop. You can do the editing without any distortion.

4.    Perspective Crop Feature

When you are editing a picture and it is not at the right angle so it becomes difficult for a person to edit it. In this regard, you can find that perspective crop feature can help you for this. This tool will allow you to click on the image and then pull the edges in your desired side. You can find more enticement while doing it. It is really the nicest feature of Photoshop.

5.    Blurr

In Adobe Photoshop CS6 you will find a blur gallery. This will allow you to do the editing in the better manner.  You can blur the images by different tools like IRIS, Tilt-Shift, and field. You will love to blur the images in a right way.

These all are some great and well-appreciated features of Adobe Photoshop CS6. You can find out many other features when you will use the Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Benefits of an Archive Manager

An archive manager can provide assistance in many regards. It can be best for you for making the things easier. It can also improve the quality of your documentation and communication. Many of the businessmen and industries use the archive managers. Because archive managers can give you the smoothness for working efficiently. However, there are many other benefits of using an archive manager.

Benefits of using an archive manager

An archive manager is seemed to be an assistant for you. The features of an archive manager are illustrated as below:

  1. Many of the archive managers give you the best speed for encryption and that is why you can easily encrypt the data with 128-bit rate. This remarkable speed is achieved due to the latest technology which is being used by the archive managers. Advanced Encryption standard offers the 128 bits. This is what makes the archive managers faster.
  2. An archive manager gives you the flexibility of self-extracting. Which means that you can easily extract by yourself by using an archive manager.
  3. You can also create multi-volume archives depending upon your choice and comforts. This will make the things easier for you in accordance with your needs and requirements. If you want to create the lighter or heavier archives, all is possible now.
  4. Some of the best archive managers can give you a data about more than 8500 billion gigabytes. That is enough to consume and you cannot finish that data easily if you are working in an office or you have to deal with documents.
  5. If you have already stored some files or data which is damaged then don’t worry. Along with the archive manager repairing of any damaged file is a piece of cake. Because the purpose of archive manager is to make the documentation feasible for you in all regards.
  6. You can use the archive managers with many systems. Either you are a user of windows or Linux it doesn’t matter when you talk about the archive managers. Moreover along with Mac, you can also use the archive managers.
  7. Although you have to use the archive managers if you want to use them. But just like all other software you also get a trial of 40 days to experience the application. After you are satisfied with the performance then easily you can purchase the license and then you can use it as long as you want.
  8. If you are a new user and you don’t have any idea of using an archive manager then don’t worry. Applications like Filehippo WinRAR will be helpful for you in this regard. If you are a newbie then you will find the wizard. This will be an easy question and answer module which will enable you to learn about this application. You can download this by Filehippoc in an efficient manner.

That is how you can find out the benefits of using an archive manager. If you look at the benefits so it reveals that you must download an updated version of any archive manager.

Mobile Phones – The Environmental Question

The environment is an important issue to a great many people, and any time that someone makes a political or lifestyle decision in the modern day, there is always an environmental question to answer.

Certainly, it comes into play with mobile phones, as when thrown away they can be a major environmental hazard, with many of their components taking more than a century to degrade.

One major response to this has been the development of organizations who pay for old mobile phones so as to recycle the phone or its components.

Even if your phone is very old and no longer really any use as a phone, it will have components which are usable, and even if the amount that you get for it is not much, it is better than nothing.

Of course, many mobile phone companies and stores have a similar policy of paying for old mobile phones or using them as a part-exchange component allowing the customer to make a saving on the new cell phone they wish to buy.

In doing this, they prevent people from simply throwing away an old phone when they cease to have a use for it.

If the environment is a source of concern to you, then the options available for disposal of your old mobile phone have never been greater.

There is of course always a push on to find more environmentally friendly ways of manufacturing, and it is to be hoped that these methods will develop quickly.

Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Sensitive Data Storage Strongly Protected

Since our world came into existence, human beings are striving for improvement. From telephones to smart phones, steam locomotives to bullet trains, Pascal’s calculator to supercomputers, and the technologies have transformed and keep on getting better.

The 21st-century business world is extremely competitive, and the E-commerce is further intensifying it. Only those companies can survive that keep on improving their services, productivity and work on new innovative ways to maximize their cost efficiency. The key to uninterrupted business activities is in-time data availability. So elevate the security of digital data and preserve it as long as it is essential.

Physical Security

  • The most effective strategy is to place all sensitive data backed up on zipping drives, DVD media, backup tapes or any other medium in locked cabinets.
  • Employees’ access to these datasets should be carefully monitored and maintain a proper record of all activities.
  • Only the authorized personnel should be handed over the keys to the file cabinets and media storage rooms.

General Electronic Security

  • Identify the servers/workstations where sensitive business data is preserved.
  • Connections to your mission critical systems also require robust protection. This includes tablets, Smartphones, workstations, the internet and other wireless devices.
  • The vulnerability of each network connection must be evaluated. Devise a strategy to overcome the foreseeable threats.
  • Encrypt the files that need to be transferred over public networks.
  • Also, consider encrypting sensitive data files on the portable storage devices.
  • Make sure that anti-spyware and anti-viruses are regularly updated on each system of your network.
  • Don’t allow your staff members to download unauthorized apps/software.
  • Secure connectivity options like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) must be used to send/receive the valuable information.
  • Regularly scans the computers and remove unnecessary software/close ports.

Firewall Security

  • It is the ideal solution for blocking hackers. So they cannot easily break into your system.
  • Border firewall is a smart option to secure company-wide network.
  • Through access control, you can apply restrictions and allow only legitimate staff members to view, retrieve, delete or alter the data.
  • For highly sensitive systems, the IT managers can enhance their security by installing additional firewalls.


  • Protect the data with “strong” password.
  • Longer passwords featuring special characters and number are a smart option, as they cannot be guessed easily.
  • The passwords should be frequently changed.
  • Password attempts should be defined. If the employee exceeds this limit, his/her account should be blocked.
  • These passwords should not be revealed to anyone else.
  • Do not use the default passwords of software.

Remote And Wireless Access

  • Limit the wireless connections and intensify the restrictions.
  • Stored digital data can also be encrypted as the unauthorized person won’t be able to read your content.
  • Moreover, encryption is the best tool against spoofing (an imposter gaining access to your system).