Idea recharge – fast and easy through online resellers

You have umpteen options of getting your Idea recharge done these days. You can use the Idea website or App for getting the work done. You can also use the website of an online reseller to do the same. With most leading resellers launching their Apps, like Paytm App, MobiKwik App and PhonePe App, the digital world has become more competitive where each seller and reseller is trying hard to catch the attention of the customer. It is not only a race to the top for different cellular operators offering the mobile subscribers in India cheapest and best recharge plans with extended validities and full talk times or unlimited data, the market is also cut-throat when it comes to telecom operators versus resellers who resell the plans of these operators.


In this fast competitive world, the one who stands to gain the most is no doubt the customer. He needs to act smart and use his resources to decide wisely and prudently. For his Idea recharge, should he use the Idea site/App or should he rely on reseller site/App. And which reseller is the best and the safest bet? Subscribers need to learn from others, keep reading online reviews and comments, industry expert blogs and articles – basically be well-informed to take the right decision.

Benefits of using Paytm App or MobiKwik App or PhonePe App for online recharge

Users would prefer to use the services of resellers vis-a-vis the operator for carrying out online Idea recharge because:-

  • Resellers offer not only mobile recharge and bill payment services, they also facilitate other kinds of activities like online shopping, ordering food online, booking movie tickets, booking bus, train and air tickets, making hotel reservations, paying for school and college fees and lots of such activities. Whereas a cellular operator will provide only recharge and bill payment facilities.
  • Resellers offer not only Idea rechargeoption, they enable users to recharge prepaid connections of almost all cellular operators in the country. Hence, a user who has prepaid connections of multiple operators can easily use the reseller site or App to carry out recharges of all connections at one-go.
  • Resellers offer mobile wallets for making not only online payments but also offline payments. Most resellers today have their own e-wallets. Users can get registered, fill up the wallet with money and start using it for making any kind of online payment. These wallets can be used for making payments at physical stores and shops too. Many cellular operators too have launched their mobile wallets but they have limited usage – these wallets can be used only by the subscribers of the particular operator; they can be used for only doing recharges and online bill payments.
  • Resellers offer a whole lot of attractive and engaging schemes which enable users to save money. Cash back offers are the most popular deals being offered today. Discount coupons and other kinds of promo offers also help in keeping users captivated. Another interesting thing is that reseller’s offer cross-service and cross-product discounts – for example, for a recharge of a particular value, users get an e-shopping discount coupon.