The Preferred Dimensional and Chassis Characteristics of a bike

We can find out hundreds and thousands of bikes around us and motorbikes can find out anywhere in the world too. The first bike was invented in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler. He was accompanied by his friend Wilhelm Maybach. This was a simplest and first version of the motorbike but it got modified with time to time changes. Now such bikes are available which can perform in a great way and to buy a proper bike you must check the following dimensional and chassis characteristics of a bike.


Wheelbase is an important concern for bikes as it will make your ride perfect and will provide you stability. The best wheelbase should be approximately 1315 mm although you can find out another wheelbase too, but this one is preferred. You can rely on this and the bikes like Bajaj V15. Because Bajaj v15 specifications do not just impress to its users but also to its critics. Bajaj v15 review proves the appreciation of its critics.

Kerb weight

The kerb weight should be sounding and should be balanced too. It is such weight which is considered without any luggage and the best weight you can find is about 135.5 kg. A bike with such weight is really appreciated and it is preferred too.

Length and height

We can find out bikes with different dimensions and different heights. But the right one which is standard and which will give you the best grip on the road should be of following the standard.

LengthxWidthxHight= 2044x780x1070

Fuel capacity

Although you can find out bikes with different fuel capacities which but the standard should be about 13-15 litters. Some of the bikes also provide the reserve capacity up to 1.7 litres this is an important factor which can help you in case you have forgotten to refill your oil.

These are some aspects which should be present in a standard bike. Some bikes truly confirm these options and they offer you a surprising ride. Other bikes which don’t have these options may not give you stability and you will not be able to add value to your ride.